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During the summer of 2021, our small community of Clark was threatened by the Robertson Draw Wildfire. I remember standing outside our home, watching a 5 mile wall of fire as it burned out of control. That moment challenged me to do something, anything, to help our community. Then one of our local volunteer fire fighters, Tracy Lewis, told me, “It’s great to see the community come together during a disaster, but it’d be great if we could all come together when there wasn’t one.”

This stuck with me.

A few months after the fire, I ran my first ever half marathon. Afterwards a thought just kept coming back. Why am I running? Can’t I run for a bigger purpose?

That’s where the idea of ‘In Their Shoes’ came from. A community event, bringing everyone together to raise money in support of our local Veterans and First Responders: the Clark Volunteer Fire Department, a Veterans organization out of Cody, WY called Downrange Warriors and our local Clark Pioneer Rec Center that opens its doors to anyone needing to evacuate in an emergency.

We want to honor those who bravely serve our community and our country. There will be a 1 mile walk/run and a 17 mile Clark Canyon Run, where participants can literally show their support by participating ‘In Their Shoes’. As the wife of an Army Veteran, I’ll be wearing my husband’s boots for the last mile of the Canyon Run. Participants are encouraged to wear clothing in support of our first responders and veterans! If you’d like to participate but don’t want to walk or run, we want you there!! Ride your bike, your horse, an ATV, or just cheer on those participating. And take a moment to imagine what it’s like to walk a mile In Their Shoes.

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